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Nov 17, 2020

In the last episode the founders pitched to recruit one of six mentors during mentor madness and we went from 10 founders to 6, the 4 founders who failed to recruit a mentor were eliminated.   In todays episode the 6 remaining founders  prepare for the next round of selections with their newly recruited mentors during the investment principal round.  The mentors will assess their teams strengths and shortcomings making recommendations on what to improve helping their teams improve their chances of making it to the end of M$S.    The principal round will be the final round before the season finale where the founders pitch the VCs in the investment round. 

About the host:

John, is the host of the  ‘Bank On It’ podcast and Million Dollar Startup, a fully remote, high quality pitch competition podcast.   He's also the founder of the remotely recorded, studio quality standardized audio production system ListenDeck.


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